Amid the steady rise of blockchain innovation, there are growing concerns about a looming shortage of qualified developers. With demand for talent outstripping supply, many companies are having to dial back blockchain related projects that are poised and strategically positioned for a rapid market launch. The blockchain developer shortage is also quite evident among many early stage companies.

There are only 20,000 people worldwide with this kind of talent. In comparison with the nine million Java developers worldwide, and about 18.5 million software developers in the world.



“Trustworks” is a project by Edgebox, tailored to BREED Blockchain/DLT developers/programmers within Pakistan and around the globe by offering a unique one year internship program for exceptionally talented candidates who meet the following criteria.

  • Strong understanding of Javascript & C++
  • Strong understanding of algorithms, data structures
  • Medium understanding of Node.js, Python,
  • Basic understanding of opensource/decentralize technologies
  • Age 16 – 30





  • Fellowship value – USD 20,000
  • Learn from global experts
  • Get access to global Blockchain community
  • Stipend payments
  • Performance based incentives
  • Travel to US for the global Blockchain conference
  • Become a Certified Blockchain Developer


Our Framework



Our Screening process helps us find the right candidate with the required skills to join our fellowship program. We organize expert interviewers to assess candidate’s tech competency and experience.



We offer online and offline training courses and workshops designed to develop the skills, knowledge and practice needed to build the competence required to work on live projects successfully.



All successful fellows will appear in our certification program to become a Certified Blockchain Developer, who understands and knows deeply what is Blockchain and how to develop integrated smart contracts and deploy them on servers.


Our Partners